All about Queenstown Ski Equipment Clothing Prices (Coronet Peak)

Ski season has finally arrived in Queenstown, New Zealand. These days, there seems to be a noticeable number of tourists in the center of Queenstown looking to enjoy skiing and snowboarding. Among the many ski resorts, today we're going to learn all about Queenstown ski equipment clothing prices at Coronet Peak, which is famous for its scenic views.

Queenstown Skiing Coronet peak

In the winter, Queenstown, New Zealand, attracts many tourists to enjoy skiing and snowboarding. Queenstown is home to two famous ski resorts, Coronet Peak and Remarkable. Today, we'll start by looking at coronet peaks.

1) Coronet peak position

Coronet Peak Queenstown Ski Resort is a 20-30 minute drive from the center of town. You can drive there yourself, but you'll usually need to wear snow chains to get up there. Alternatively, you can take a bus or shuttle from the center of town up to the resort.

2) Coronet Peak Open & Close

In 2024, the Coronet peak operating period is June 15 through September 22. If you usually see a lot of people in ski or snowboard attire wandering around the center of Queenstown, you can probably assume that the Queenstown Ski Resort is already open.

3) Coronet Peak Operating Hours

Queenstown Ski Resort Coronet Peak also offers hourly passes (admission tickets). The hours of operation are listed below.

  • Weekdays General: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Weekday General First Track: 8-9am (June 29-September 15)
  • Night Skiing: 4pm - 9pm (Wednesdays, Fridays / July 3 - September 1)
  • Night skiing on Saturdays during school vacations (July 6, 13, 20)
  • Afternoon Pass: 12:30 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Queenstown Ski Gear Clothing Prices

Queenstown Ski Rental Shop browns ski shop

There are many things you'll need to ski or snowboard Coronet Peak, including equipment, clothing, and more. If you have everything you need, you'll be fine, but if you don't have anything or only some of it, you'll need to rent.

Don't worry, there are plenty of rental shops in Queenstown that cater to those who want to enjoy Queenstown skiing and more in the winter. There are two main ways to rent Queenstown ski lifts, equipment, and clothing.

  • Rent it all at Coronet Peak Ski Area
  • Rent from a rental shop in central Queenstown

I walked into a rental shop in the center of Queenstown and asked, and was told that ski or snowboard equipment would cost about $22, a round-trip shuttle bus to the ski area would cost about $42, a lift pass would cost about $169, and a beginner ski package would cost about $214.

Queenstown Ski Equipment Rental Shop i center
Ski lift equipment prices

I also looked online to see if there were any websites for renting Queenstown ski equipment and more. I found a website called Info&snowis the value.

The website itself is uncluttered, and it's nice to be able to choose between different packages: bus only, bus+lift pass, bus+lift pass+lessons, etc.

Book info&snow website

Assuming you have nothing, a Coronet Peak Queenstown ski lift pass, gear, and clothing will cost you $322 per adult.

  • Equipment: skis, boots and poles or snowboards, boots
  • Apparel: jackets, pants, gloves, goggles, and helmets

If you don't have your own vehicle Round-trip busesto get there. To book a bus, you can use the link below. It costs $45 for an adult and $35 for a child. It seems like it's really expensive to go without any ski or snowboard equipment.

I used to love snowboarding when I was in Korea, so I had a season pass and went there a lot, but I've lost all the clothes I bought and more.

I'm wasting my money and looking at the ski slopes. Now let's take a look at renting ski equipment through the Coronet Peak website.

How to book Coronet Peak online

Coronet Peak Homepage

Coronet Peak Homepageat the bottom of the homepage. At the bottom of the homepage, you'll see the current temperature, lift openings, whether your vehicle needs snow chains, snowfall, and a webcam. However, the webcam doesn't seem to be working.

To make an online reservation for Coronet Peak, click the Winter shopto enter the new folder.

1) Coronet Peak Pass Pricing

Book a Coronet Peak Lift Pass

The Full Day Pass is $165 per adult for regular weekday hours, and the Twilight pass is available between 12:30pm and 9pm for those who want to ski later in the day. Night skiing starting at 4pm is $85 per adult.

There are several other types of passes, which you can find on the Coronet Peak homepage.

2) Book a Coronet Peak Bus

Queenstown Ski Resort Bus Routes

Buses operated by Coronet Peak depart daily from Queenstown center at 7:30am. The photo above shows the bus routes for Coronet Peak and Remarkable, with Coronet Peak in blue. The stops along the way from the center of town to Coronet Peak are marked.

The round trip costs $30 for ages 6 and up and free for children under 6. If you want to book a bus, you can use the button below.

3) Reserve Coronet Peak ski equipment, clothing

Coronet Peak Gear Clothing Rental Prices

On the Winter shop page, click the Rentals menuwhere we can reserve equipment and clothing. Equipment rental costs $65 and jacket and pants rental costs $45 ($25 for one side only). Helmets are included in the equipment rental, but unfortunately goggles and gloves are not.

It is possible to ski or snowboard without goggles and gloves, but I don't think it would be comfortable. Coronet Peak says they are available for purchase, so keep that in mind when deciding whether to make a reservation at Coronet Peak or use the rental shops in the center of town.

4) Total cost to ski Coronet Peak

Assuming you came to Queenstown to ski, and you didn't bring anything with you, here's your total cost (adult).

  • Weekday Pass (superpass): $165
  • Round-trip bus reservation: $30
  • Ski or snowboard equipment reservation: $65
  • Jacket, pants: $ 45
  • Goggles and gloves

Without goggles and gloves, it costs $305 (about $240). Of course, if you need to buy goggles and gloves, it will be more than that. The Info&snow mentioned above seems to be a bit cheaper than the $367, but the price of goggles and gloves will be a factor.

Many of the rental shops in the center of town offer goggles and even gloves, but you'll need to pack all your gear and clothing when you leave the center of town.

However, if you rent at Coronet Peak, the advantage of being able to take the bus back and forth without your luggage may be a trade-off. We hope you'll consider this when making your decision.


Today we've covered lift passes, equipment, clothing, and bus bookings at Coronet Peak, among other Queenstown ski areas, as well as prices and how to book a bus. If you're traveling from Korea, you probably won't want to bring your own equipment unless you're really into skiing or snowboarding.

If this is the case, please use the local ski area or rental shop to ensure you have a great experience in Queenstown. Please note that the information above was obtained from the Coronet Peak website and is subject to change due to my error and the Coronet Peak company.

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