How to apply for New Zealand Permanent Residency online Preparation documents (2024)

Many of you who were granted New Zealand Special Permanent Residence in 2021 for 2022 will probably be applying online for New Zealand Permanent Residence in 2024 this year if you've held that temporary residence for more than two years. Let's take a look at how to apply and what you need to bring with you.

New Zealand Permanent Resident Visa (Permanent Resident Visa)

When we talk about permanent residency, we usually mean permanent residency. It gives you the right to live and work in New Zealand for any length of time, and the freedom to come and go as you please, even if you live overseas. However, there are different types of permanent residency in New Zealand, including

  • New Zealand Temporary Permanent Residence
  • New Zealand Permanent Residency

A temporary green card has the same rights and benefits as a permanent green card mentioned above. However, it is limited to two years. For example, two years have passed since you were approved for a temporary green card.

If you leave New Zealand after the two years have elapsed and you have not been approved for permanent residence, you will need a visa to enter New Zealand when you return.

I applied online on May 14, 2024, and two days later, on May 16, I received an email with my approval for permanent residency in New Zealand. The Immigration website says it usually takes about two weeks, but it seems like it was quicker than I expected.

1) Eligibility to apply for permanent residency in New Zealand

To apply for permanent residency in New Zealand, you must wait two years from the date you were approved for temporary residency before you can apply. Previously, you could apply for permanent residency in New Zealand in paper (offline) format, but after January 29, 2024, you can apply through the online platform.

It would have been a headache to have to send back and forth paperwork and passports, so I'm so glad to see that it's so easy to apply online.

Apply online for New Zealand Permanent Residency (2024)

To apply for permanent residency in New Zealand, you need to complete the New Zealand Immigration website Permanent Resident Visa page on your website.

New Zealand Permanent Residency online application page

[What to prepare when applying for permanent residency in New Zealand].

  • Your passport
  • A photo of yourself to upload when applying (Jpg)
  • Visa fee NZD $240 (payment cards, etc.)
  • PDF file of your temporary green card from USCIS
  • Partner passport information (only for partnership permanent residency applications)

Online application process for New Zealand Permanent Residency

When you click APPLY NOW in the first picture, you will probably be taken to the login screen. Please log in using the username and password (or Real me) that you used to apply for your work visa or temporary resident status.

You should then be directed to the New Zealand Immigration visa online application screen, which looks like the one above. From there, select My VISAS.

Now click APPLY FOR A VISA to apply for permanent residency in New Zealand.

The first step in the application process, enter your basic information

Check the conditions before applying for permanent residency

I should have provided the original application screen, but due to personal issues, this is a summary of what I received after approval. I also want to make sure you understand that the above situation is based on my situation and may not be the same for you.

You'll be asked what type of permanent residence visa you have, whether you're a New Zealand citizen, and whether you currently hold a New Zealand temporary residence permit, which you can fill in as appropriate to your situation. Temporary residency status is relevant for 2021 Special Permanent Residence visas, skilled migration, and temporary residency received through a partner.

It asks what my eligibility is to apply for permanent residency in New Zealand. I answered as above because I have been a temporary resident for more than two years.

For reference, I received my Temporary Permanent Residency approval email on May 13, 2022 and applied online for Permanent Residency in New Zealand on May 14, 2024.

The next question asks if you were in New Zealand when you were approved for temporary permanent residence. After answering, select START MY APPLICATION to complete your application.

1) Apply for New Zealand Permanent Residency Online General

Here are the steps to apply online for permanent residency in New Zealand. I thought it would be really easy to complete the application, but it took me almost an hour.

Of course, if you speak English well or are fully prepared, you'll be able to do it faster.

  • General (6 items)
  • Address and contact information
  • Eligibility
  • Character
  • Relationship (may not exist depending on the type of application)
  • Immigration assistance
  • Supporting documents
  • Supporting documents (2)
  • Declaration

Enter General information

In fact, this is where it really begins. When I applied, I thought it would be pretty straightforward, because I already had a temporary green card, and I knew I only had to qualify for a permanent green card for two years.

I'm actually glad that the online application for permanent residency in New Zealand is available this year, because it would have been really time-consuming to fill out this application again by hand.

The first General information section of the online application for New Zealand Permanent Residency is again divided into the following sections

  • Identity information
  • New Zealand immigration history
  • Passport and birth details
  • National identity details
  • Other citizenships
  • Upload photo

Identity information

The first question asks if your first and last name as it appears on your passport is official. After that, you just fill in the name as it appears on your passport. I answered yes because I have an English name, even though it's not official, and applied with my first and last name.

New Zealand immigration history

Immigration history under General information

When you apply online for permanent residency in New Zealand, you will be asked where you live and asked for your client number. Your client number can be found in the temporary permanent residence email you received from Immigration.

Passport and birth details

You can just look at your passport and enter it as it is. However, when entering the nationality and passport issuing country on the passport, I entered REPUBLIC OF KOREA as it appears on the passport, and later, an error appeared.

If you type KOREA in the input field, you'll get a list of options to choose from. I seem to remember selecting Korea (Republic of) [South Korea], so keep that in mind.

We'll ask you to fill in your gender, date of birth, country of birth, and the name of the city you were born in, and then we'll ask you if you have a social security number, and if you say yes, please enter your social security number.

Other citizenships

This is the part where it asks for citizenship other than New Zealand citizens. I'm a South Korean citizen, so I answered that I have South Korean citizenship, and you can fill out the same passport information again.

Upload photo

This is the part where you upload your photo, which is required when applying for New Zealand Permanent Residency online, and then select SAVE & CONTINUE. That's it for the first General section.

2) Enter your address and contact information

Enter your address and contact information

This is where you'll enter your address and contact information: your physical address, whether you have a mailing address, and an email address and cell phone number where we can reach you.

3) Enter your eligibility information

Check your eligibility to apply for permanent residency

This section asks if you are the main applicant for permanent residency in New Zealand. This seems to be a check on the main applicant, because a spouse or child who is dependent on the main applicant (you) may be applying.

This is the part about whether you have been in New Zealand for more than 184 days in each year since the date you received your temporary residency. I answered YES because I have never been out of the country.

And the second question I honestly didn't quite understand, I thought it was whether the temporary residency letter I had already received stated section 49 of the Immigration ACT 2009. Fortunately, when I looked at the letter again, it did, so I answered YES.

The last question also asked if I met that condition, and I answered yes. I think I spent the most time on this one, and I don't know why it's so hard to ask.

4) Enter Character information

Check for ineligibility for permanent residency

The Character questions are presumably related to crimes, trials, arrests, deportations, terrorism, etc. in all countries, including New Zealand. I answered all of them with No because none of them apply to me. If they appear on your New Zealand criminal record, you should probably consider answering them.

And the Please note that the Relationship section is completed with your partner's support, so you will need to enter their official name, passport information, and country of birth and date of birth. Please note that this may not be available depending on the type of permanent residence you are applying for.

5) Enter your immigration assistance information

Confirm application completion proxy

It asks if you are filling out this online application yourself or if someone is doing it for you, and if you have received any immigration help or advice with your application. I answered no because I'm doing it myself and I haven't gotten any help.

6) Supporting documents

Submit Evidence 1 for your application for permanent residence

This is where you can upload any documents you want to add that are specific to your application for permanent residency in New Zealand. In this case, I uploaded a PDF of my passport.

7) Supporting documents (2)

Submit 2 pieces of evidence related to your application for permanent residence

As proof that I met the section 49 conditions as stated in the Temporary Permanent Residence Letter, I uploaded the Temporary Permanent Residence Letter that I received from Immigration at that time. Click SAVE AND CONTINUE, you're almost there, keep your chin up.

8) Declaration

Finalize your application for permanent residency

As always, the last part of the foreign application is the Declaration. Check it and click the READY FOR SUBMISSION button.

New Zealand Permanent Residency Online Application Fees

Now that you've completed your application for submission, you can pay the online application fee for New Zealand Permanent Residency. To do this, go back to My VISA and click on the PAY & SUBMIT APPLICATION button.

Then you can choose the fee $240 and the payment method, I chose credit card or debit card and made the payment. After making the payment, you can see that the payment was successful and the application was submitted as shown below.


Nearly 160,000 people applied for special preference green cards in 2021 and received them in 2022. These people will receive temporary green cards, most of which will be two years old in 2024.

I'm sure a lot of people are applying for permanent residency online, and I hope this helps to speed up the process for those who do.

As a final note, please recognize that the above is my application and your situation may be different, and this post is meant to serve as a guide only.

Your last permanent residence application may be an important part of your life, so we want to make sure you read the application carefully and fill it out well to avoid delays or penalties.

I think it's very nice that now I can go back and forth to New Zealand without any time limit, and I don't have to put my permanent residence letter in my Korean passport like I used to, and it seems like they recognize it right away at the airport using the immigration system. That's very nice.

However, the Korean passport number that Immigration has is your current passport, so if your passport is about to expire, you must get a new one and notify Immigration so that you can enter the country without any inconvenience. That's all we want you to keep in mind. Thank you for reading this article.

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